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Double sided laminated iron


Classification:Coated Iron Model:HXF-1000B
A product profile:
HXF-1000B type double sided laminated iron production line, mainly the hydraulic, skin put volume unit, welding unit, feeding and s, subway, skin correction, subway, clean skin, coating machine, iron skin oven, film unwinding and rewinding film glue, thin film oven, composite element, film, iron coated correction, material deviation discharging s roller, hydraulic, skin rolling, material collecting trolley.
Tension control system is a collection of our company for many years of industry experience in the domestic and foreign advanced technology design, high performance, high performance price ratio of tension control system.
The system is composed of a unit, a unit, a composite unit, a lead unit, a collection unit, and a corresponding control instrument. High - grade hardware, perfect software configuration, to meet the national conditions of the performance and reasonable price. With advanced "centralized numerical control system", it has the advantages of high degree of automation, complete functions, stable and reliable performance, simple operation and high production efficiency.