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The high-speed computer gravure printing


Classification:Gravure Printing Model:HXY-81050E
This machine is a standard product developed in the light of the advantages of the Japanese Fuji model. This product is suitable for BOPP, PVC, PET, nylon, PE, paper, etc.. Seven motor tension control system, the whole system imported PLC for logic control and protection.
This type of compact structure, beautiful appearance, fast printing speed, high precision adjustment, less material loss. The control part and the key parts adopt imported famous brand professional device to ensure the high reliability and stability of the equipment.
Performance features:
This machine adopts imported PLC logic and precise control, dual touch screen man-machine interface display.
Seven. The standard control motor vector (four closed-loop control system), ABB + GT Yaskawa inverter motor.
This ultra low friction cylinder, precise position control. The lifting speed does not affect the tension, high speed automatic non-stop refueling barge, reduce waste.
* the frame for low stress casting, the wall two times tempering treatment, durable without deformation.
By using Japanese Fuji heavy scraper scraper mechanism, double cylinder, three azimuth adjustment, horizontal + 5mm series.
It adopts crank arm type embossing roller and guide roller, collaborative action, double cylinder under pressure / lift the material changes in the length of the minimum.
It adopts automatic constant temperature drying film system, internal circulation drying oven, gas drainage and hot air recycling device, equipped with a cold air box.
Using computer automatic register system of new domestic and design system.
Can according to the customer`s requirement of printing color, oven heating can use electric heating or steam heating.
I have no shaft / shaft is arranged by the customer optional version.