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High speed dry compound machine


Classification:Dry Compound Model:HXF-1050M
The machine with reference to Japan Fuji machine has the advantages of development and the development of high performance and high-speed dry compound machine, is mainly suitable for BOPP, pet, nylon, CPP, CPE, aluminum foil, paper and other rolls of film material layer is compounded to form a with high strength and high preservation and packaging materials are resistant to cooking and other excellent characteristics.
The model has a fine structure, beautiful shape, superior configuration, durable. Control part and key parts adopt imported famous brand professional device, ensure the high reliability of the equipment, is the ideal choice for the majority of customers!
Performance features:
This machine adopts imported PLC logic control and protection, improve the reliability of the whole machine.
* first, second unwinding, oven, the section closed loop constant tension, through manual control and display interface.
] three top open type constant temperature drying box, air inlet and outlet layered, negative pressure design, secondary return air, which can save energy and but also reduce the content of residual solvent.
* the guide rollers active synchronous transmission, and reduce the tensile deformation.
] first and second placed volume and a reel device, using AC motor speed, realization of the turnover double station and non-stop rolling automatic material receiving, all the use of inflatable shaft for loading shaft.
* first, two volume (mask and film), using EPC hydraulic rectification.
This high precision roller coating system, pneumatic scraper, homogenizing roller, glue circulation device.
Three. High precision pressure roller composite device, composite roll with outer circulation oil heating device, the heating is more uniform.
This coating, composite unit using double conversion on-line actuation, the synchronous belt drives the guide roller to ensure synchronization.
* through the cooling roller of the composite membrane is smooth, scratch.
9:28 winder using two AC motor vector control taper tension, pneumatic type back pressure and automatic rolling cutting knife cutting, reducing wear and tear.